GTfusion 2020 ROUND 2

RAYBRIG NSX CONCEPT-GT '16 [Gr.2] - Tyres: Race Hard
Balance of Performance [EDP No activate]:
POWER 106% - WEIGHT 97%

Tuning : Authorized
Mechanical damages: Heavy.

April 24th, 25th and 26th 2020
(Standard date of the race: Saturday, April 26th)

Maximum number of entrants per team: 20.

Lobby Timetable:

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 9:15pm ; Race 1 start: 9:30pm
SUNDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 4:15pm ; Race 1 start: 4:30pm

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 7:15pm ; Race 1 start: 7:30pm
SUNDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 2:15pm ; Race 1 start: 2:30pm

Qualifications 1: 15 minutes. /!\ No wear during qualifying /!\

Race 1: 5 laps
Race 2: 15 laps starting grid reversed

Pause 10 min

Qualification 2 : 6 minutes. /!\ No wear during qualifying /!\

Race 3: 5 laps
Race 4: 15 laps starting grid reversed

Event and Regulation Settings:

(For those responsible for the lounge: please remember to set these parameters.)


- - Time Start: Race 1: Race 1: 6:45am ; Race 2: 12:00pm ; Race 3: 17:00pm ; Race 4: 19:00pm.
- Grid Order: Race 1, 3 - Fastest First.
- Grid Order: Race 2, 4 - Reverse Grid Based on Previous Race Results.
- Starting grid: Grid Start with False Start Check
- Boost : OFF
- Slipstream Strength : REAL
- Visible Damage : ON
- Mechanical Damage: HEAVY.
-Tyre Wear : X26
- Fuel Depletion: X8
- Initial Fuel : DEFAULT
- Grip Red on Wet Track/Track Edge : REAL
- Race Finish Delay : 180 sec
- Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier : Default
- Balance of performances : BOP OFF
- Tyre Rating : Race Hard
- Tuning : ON
- Ghosting during Race : NONE
- Shortcut Penalty : NONE
- Wall Collision Penalty : NONE
- Slide Contact Penalty : OFF
- Correct VehicleCourse After Wall Collision : OFF
- Replace Car When they Leave the Track : OFF
- Flag Rules : ON
- Ghost Lapped Cars : OFF
- Countersteering Assistance : PROHIBITED
- Active Stability Management ( ASM) : PROHIBITED
- Driving Line Assist : PROHIBITED
- Traction Control : NO LIMIT
- Auto-Drive : PROHIBITED


- Qualif 1 : Time Limit : 15 Minutes
- Qualif 2 : Time Limit : 5 Minutes
- Qualifying Continuation Time : 30 Sec
- Tyre Wear During Qualifying : OFF
- Fuel Consumption During Qualifying : OFF

Re: GTfusion 2020 ROUND 2 / REGULATIONS

GTfusiOn Gran Turismo World Championship Round 2 !

Our new combo puts the spotlight on Belgian driver Bertrand Baguette in the Super GT.
Like the inventor of GTfusiOn and a few staff, Bertrand is from Thimister in the province of Liège. Born in February 1986, he competed classes in Formula Renault climbing the success ladder year by year. Bertrand managed to shine in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2009 with a crowning champion with 5 victories, 10 podiums and 1 pole.
Accompanied by Plowman and Gonzalez, they won after 329 laps completed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2013 edition in LMP2 and in the process the title of FIA world endurance champion of the WEC category in LMP2.

2014, Bertrand Baguette became an official Honda brand driver and joined the prestigious Japanese Super GT championship at the wheel of the Honda NSX-GT in the Queen GT500 category. In 2017, he won the legendary 1000 Kilometer race at Suzuka.
Finally we find Bertrand for the 2019 season aboard the Honda NSX n ° 17 of Keihin Real Racing with the Japanese teammate Koudai Tsukakoshi.
We are in September 2019, it is Koudai Tsukakoshi who will sign the pole position in Q2, when to Bertrand, he signs the best time in Q1. The team under the checkered flag took second place 4 seconds behind the Lexus of Team SARD in Kovalainen and Nakayama, the precedents of a 300 km long race on the Autopolis International Racing Cours circuit.

Autopolis Racing Circuit is a 4674 m long track with a long straight line of 902 m, a vertical drop of 52 m and 18 turns. This track is located in the middle of a mountain range in Oita prefecture of Kyushu in Japan and was built under the impulse of the real estate developer and investor Tomonori Tsurumaki and is the property of Kawasaki. Autopolis is known for its difficult layout, although sector 1 is a simple high-speed section, complex consecutive turns of all speed ranges await drivers in sectors 2 and 3. One of the particularities of the route, a slope maximum upward from 7.2% to 10% down, there is a lot of ascent and descent on this track, and driving a full lap without error requires great concentration.

Gentlemen will you beat the time of 1'33,262 from pole position? Will you go faster than Bertrand 1’34’’415?
The weight and power of the car are those supplied by Bertrand Baguette.

By El-loco
Sources : Wikipedia, RTBF, Vedia , SpeedActionTV, GT500 Qualifying offical result
Thrustmaster Thrustmaster e-Sports Bertrand Baguette, la page officielle (official page) ELIA PAROS

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