6H of Spa-Francorchamps 90s Regulations & Registrations


CAR : PORSCHE 911 Carrera RS CS (993) '95

CAR: BMW M3 Sport Evolution '89


Mechanical damages: Heavy.

Date : August 07 2021

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps [BEL]
Maximum number of entrants : Open to all

Lobby Timetable:


Saturday Qualifying (Free Race): 02:00 pm ; Race 1 start: 02:00 pm


Saturday Qualifying (Free Race): 12: 00 pm ; Race 1 start: 12:00 pm

Qualifications 1: 15 minutes. /!\ No wear during qualifying /!\ ( Tyres Sport Soft)

Race 1: 3 Hours
Pause 5 minutes ( no more ) so that disconnected drivers can continue
Race 2: 3 Hours Grid Based on previous race results

Event and Regulation Settings:

(For those responsible for the lounge: please remember to set these parameters.)


- Time Start: Race 1: 12:00 am ;
Race 2: 04:45 ( 16:45 pm)
- Grid Order: Race 1, 2 - Fastest First.

- Starting grid: Rolling Start
( with virtual safty car , the leader need drive in 1st gear to the 2nd start line. to 24h tower , nobody can overtake before pass the "Eau rouge corner)
- Boost : OFF
- Slipstream Strength : REAL
- Visible Damage : OFF
- Mechanical Damage: HEAVY.
-Tyre Wear : X2 [
- Fuel Depletion: X3
- Initial Fuel : DEFAULT
- Grip Red on Wet Track/Track Edge : REAL
- Race Finish Delay : 180 sec
- Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier : Default
- Balance of performances : BOP OFF
- Tyre Rating : Sport Soft
- Tuning : Prohibited
- Ghosting during Race : NONE
- Shortcut Penalty : weak
- Wall Collision Penalty : NONE
- Slide Contact Penalty : OFF
- Correct VehicleCourse After Wall Collision : OFF
- Replace Car When they Leave the Track : OFF
- Flag Rules : ON
- Ghost Lapped Cars : OFF
- Countersteering Assistance : PROHIBITED
- Active Stability Management ( ASM) : PROHIBITED
- Driving Line Assist : PROHIBITED
- Traction Control : NO LIMIT
- Auto-Drive : PROHIBITED


- Qualif 1 : Time Limit : 15 Minutes
- Qualifying Continuation Time : 30 Sec
- Tyre Wear During Qualifying : OFF
- Fuel Consumption During Qualifying : OFF

Re: 6H of Spa-Francorchamps 90s Regulations & Registrations


Please respect format :

ID PSN / Country / CAR

GTBE-Schettura / BEL / PORSCHE

All are welcome but need agree and approuve GTfusiOn fairplay rules :

Rules 2021 Click here
7. Online code of conduct

Introduction: Car racing is a contactless sport !

1. Every contact with elements of the track as walls and guardrails (wall surfing) are strictly prohibited.
2. Any unusually agressive conduct is banned.
3. Contacts and collisions must be avoided at all costs.
4. In case of a late braking before a corner, the driver must do everything possible to avoid a collision with those in front of him - even if it implies that he spins himself out of the track.
5. To defend your position, you can only change your line one time (change line and revert to your initial line).
6. After an off-track excursion, you can only return after making sure you are not in the way of another competitor, even if you have to let pass the whole field.
7. When leaving the pits, you must respect the pit exit line. If another driver is in a qualifying lap, let him pass.
8. Cutting chicanes or any other part of the track is stricly forbidden.
9. Drivers being lapped must let pass the faster drivers. It is forbidden to block the leaders of the race. However, drivers who are 1 or several laps down, if they are faster, can pass all the drivers in front of them in the classification in order to reduce the gap.
10. Battling drivers being lapped must make sure they are not in the way of faster drivers before making a pass.
11. It is stricly forbidden to try to pass in a place where it is nearly impossible to be side by side without endangering the others.
12. It is recommended to use the side mirrors to know where other drivers are heading. Those playing with a pad must watch out even more.
13. Driver desist of the race... In pit lane. Rages quits are not accepted
14. All disrespectful or offensive behaviour against one or several drivers or staff members will be subject of a sanction which can go up to exclusion.
15. If a pilot causes a damage to another he must accompany his victim to the stand
16. if a pilot hit and push an other to pass , he MUST wait and give back position.
If he don't wait , he Will be disqualified and not allowed to race next round !

Common sense rules

- Let pass drivers that seem faster than you, they can also make a mistake later.
- Don’t change your line continuously on a straight line to not give your slipstream, this will irritate your pursuers and they may do the same to you.
- Don’t force your way on the inside of a corner or a chicane, but take advantage of your position to be faster on the corner and pass on the exit.
- After succeeding a pass with the slipstream, don’t cut back in front abruply to then brake for a corner, surprised by the manoeuver your opponent may ram you unintentionally. Keep your line before braking.
-The ultimate rule, do not do to someone else what you would not like to be done to you.

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