Re: Round 6 Modification Only


Ne pourras pas être présent
731/ GT_BOCA_RAZOR_62 / GT_BOCA / FRA équilvalent 511/ GT-BOCA-David-ds / GT_BOCA / FRA

A changer son ID PSN en GTS_Neijjus
847/ Blex14_E-Racing / GT_BOCA / FRA équilvalent 506/ GT_BOCA_LUCHO / GT_BOCA / FRA

Merci, dsl pour les modifications.


Re: Round 6 Modification Only


Would like to move to Saturday as work commitments now.

If Saturday is not possible a move to Sunday would still be a help.

436/Panos_pil/THG/GRE can he race on Friday?

Perhaps these two drivers fix the problem maybe?

Thanks again

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