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ExP_IlConteSky wrote: Hello, as previously stated our driver 751 / SSide9794 / EXP / ITA unfortunately is not available on Friday and Saturday.
Can we ask for him to be placed in Sunday's repechage Lounge if possible? Thanks in advance

They are not repechage on sunday ! Thx for information
So what you mean is this won't be organized for round 3? ... 6/?app=fbl

Our driver would still like to take part if possible. If you confirm just now that Sunday's repechage won't be organized, we must retire the driver and get -20 points? Sorry but the situation isn't very clear

They are not repechage on sunday , if your pilot can't race on Friday or Saturday sorry for him. hope he will race next round. your team don't lose any points
it was an exceptional situation in round 1, but in round 2 there was no repechage and there will be no in round 3
So we delete registration with no penalty

Re: Round 3 Modifications Only

Good evening guys, unfortunately for
reasons for study our pilot
-510 / Yttam2 / INCR will not be able to participate in next Friday's race ...

OK Done - 20 Points

and also pass the pilot
-114 / INS_aktarus72 from Saturday to Friday

OK Done

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Re: Round 3 Modifications Only

Hello, I am unsubscribing

697 / PTY_Steve / PTY / PAN from Lounge L due to internet or communication problems with the host. I enter the lounge but takes me out later. Then I can't see the room again. This happened 2 times. I hope they don't take points away from us, because I'm attending, but because of connection issues I can't run


OK Looby manager advice us , so sorry for you :(
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