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GTfusion was born in December 2008.

It results from the meeting in online of two great personalities of the universe of Gran Turismo. Indeed at the time a race on Suzuka, Ricfight and Tuesday_Rouge delivered a keen fight. 

Following this race, the two pilots bound friendship. After some conversations on the PSN, MSN,… they decided to organize an inter-forum meeting.

On December 19, 2008 the first race takes place on Daytona Road in 600 PP. Following this first successful experience, the 2 communities approached to create the first championship " Online".

The Craftsmen of the first event are JCTraduz, M3T, RM and Schettura. Early 2009 2 tests are realized in order to develop the event. In Mars 2009 the first test takes place, "officially" long series. This first test is gained by Redwings and TEAM BTH.

At the time of the second handle the TEAM GTracing joined us. It' is another stage of our development which prepares. Indeed at the time this TEAM is at its beginnings. But their members make proof of a great motivation. Thereafter, their president Inferno will become Co-organizer of the event.

In June 2009 GTplay taken along by Husq begin again for a time for the organization of GTfusion. Indeed the name GTfusion is yielded to us by his MatrixJR owner. In the name GTfusion we find exactly; spirit which we wanted to create: WP for our common passion which binds us and Fusion for the gathering of all communities. In the same order of idea and following the spirit of this competition, large designer ANO carries out the current logo. After summer 2009 another community joined us: honourabledrivers. PureGT represent well the name of their forum. With the arrival of this community , the internationalization of GTfusion accelerate. We pass from 5 nations represented to 11.

Under impulse of their team leader, PureGT_SWE_1 the level of the competition raise. The final Classification will see the victory of one of the best pilots MR: GT5rs_APO who will be finalist of GT Academy 2012 at Silverstone.

Season 2009 finishes and the WP Academy II arrives. All give each other appointment after this major event. In 2010 makes an attempt; arrival of Gran Turismo 5 the championship online begins again.

GTfusion 1 is: 54 races, 68 engaged, 59 classified, 6 TEAM, 10 Nationalities…
And then GTfusion 2 is: 40 races, 63 engaged, 58 classified, 7 TEAM, 10 Nationalities….

In May 2010 Gismo and Mcbly take again the supervision of the tests of hand of Master. All the races proceed on the same evening and without private waiter. An exploit of all staff.

GTfusion takes more and more importance on planet GT5. Season 2010 is enclosed by the final victory of GT5rs_Toro. End of the year is animated with the arrival of Gran Turismo 5. The new tracks online open new prospects of development to us.

The 2011 season was a great success. We've done a lot of good videos with Nanaki and TheFrouns. More partners joined us: Dunlop,  T500RS, TH8RS, Game-Seat, SWS. The championship was exciting, which saw once more time the victory of the APO from GT5rs team.

The 2012 championship was taken over by XVI and is very interesting. The arrival of the new Team, TFV, increased the level!

You are fans of Gran Turismo?
You are not afraid to meet other pilots "Online"?
You want to measure you with the best pilots?
You want to succeed Ricfight_GTPT, GT5rs_APO, GT5rs_Toro, GT5rs_APO?
You are fairplay?
This event is made for you!

GTfusion continues .......... With you to write the continuation of the history!