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GTfusiOn 2021 Final Results pilots




GTfusion GTSport World championship General ranking Round 6 2021 Pilots V1

GTfusion 2021 Round 6 Results Team Country




GTfusion GTSport World championship Round 6 2021 Team Country


GTfusiOn GTSport Team World championship Round 6 2021 Results !
Congratulations to all 27 teams' and their drivers

Results pilots - Category are coming soon
Congratulations to PRiMA Esports for their victory! They prove to us that when they mobilize it is one of the best team in the world.
GTDrivers.eu confirms its excellent results in Round 4 and prove that they can play the top of the rankings. Congratulations for their P2 !
Congratulations to the Executive Project Team who once again demonstrate an excellent team spirit and deserve their P3
Congratulations to TheHumbleGuys | R A C I N G T E A M for winning the AM category (y)
Officials' Broacaster : BenjxMotors @TX141

GTfusiOn 2021 Round 6 Groups'



GTfusiOn GTSport Team World Championship Round6 2021 Groups V3

GTfusiOn 2021 Round 6 Entry List


 GTfusiOn GTSport World Championship Round6 2021 Entry ListV3