GTfusion 2013 Game one Music HD

 GTfusion 2013 Game one Music HD

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GTfusion - Round 3

 GTfusion 2013 - ROUND 3


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Thrustmaster Y-250P - The Test



Thrustmaster Y-250P Thrustmaster Y-250P - Test by Régis Gosselin, Davy Delien, Kevin Caprasse and Romano Frassen for GTfusion

Sound quality : 95%
Value for price : 90%
Compatibility with PS3, Tablet, Smartphone, PC : 100%
Comfort and look : 88%

Global mark : 93,25%
Thrustmaster Y-250P elected best headphones of the market by GTfusion.

Testers - From left to right in the picture:


GTfusion 2013 - Endurance 24H Nurb

GTfusion Endurance 24H Nurburgring

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Hotlap by Kevin Caprasse at Eupener Karting

Hotlap by Kevin Caprasse