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GTfusion Round 5 2020




GTfusion Round 5 2020 GTSport world Championship Thrustmaster Poster


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GTfusiOn GTSport Team World Championship Round 5 2020

One thing is certain, the sleeves succeed each other and do not resemble the GTfusiOn.

At the time of writing these lines the majority of the GT community is suspended to the slightest info of release of the next GT7 and it is at the same time that for this the team of GTfusiOn decided to pay tribute to a historic partner of Gran Turismo, Toyota Gazoo Racing and the GR Supra GT Cup competition offered in 2019 and 2020.

Remember in 2019 the GR Supra GT Cup becomes the first Esport World Racing Championship revealed by Tetsuya Tada the chief engineer of the GR Supra during the Paris World Tour 2019 event.
Mikail Hizal will be the first to win the 2019 GR Supra GT Cup title on more than 30,000 registered drivers, a victory that would foreshadow his world title.
The GTfusiOn Staff decided to keep all the data of the original combos, the drivers will have the choice between GR Supra RZ 2019 N300 or GR Supra RZ 2020 N400. The  balance of performance activated (BOP), our engineers have decided to open the parameters of the vehicle in order to stick to the GTfusiOn spirit and make you work as a team.

The starting point of this new event is in France and although the route is original, the track of St Croix B will give a hard time to the most demanding of our participants. Nearly 6Miles in total length and no less than 14 turns to master.
The challenge is launched, who will be best placed at the end of this new round?

The race will take place on the weekend of 16,17,18 October 2020

by El-Loco